Our Services

•   ProSource Energy specializes in professionally negotiating electricity and natural gas supply contracts for our Clients.  

•   We represent who we feel are the top 5-7 suppliers of each commodity in each state and nationally.

•   Our analysis and procurement process is simple, swift, and effective, and we operate ‘behind the scenes', taking very little of your staff and management’s time.   In most cases, we can provide an analysis of our Client’s facilities and energy savings opportunities within 3-5 days.  

•   After our initial analysis and our Client’s decision to engage ProSource Energy Consultants services with our simple one page Agreement, we will work with you - to the level that you desire - to come up with a national and regional energy procurement strategy.  Usually, energy usage volumes within geographic regions - and even from different regions - can be aggregated together and leveraged, often with the same suppliers.

•   We can usually provide detailed energy cost savings analyses on all of your operations, and make recommendations and actually provide executable supply contracts with your selected suppliers within 7-10 days after engagement.   

•   We constantly scrutinize energy suppliers and market conditions, and work with our clients on a completely objective and consultative basis, and provide guidance and recommendations based on our 25 years experience, and our expectations of future energy market and price movements.  

•   Our analyses, evaluations, and consulting services, and more importantly our relationship with our clients, are always based on demonstrated, ongoing value.

•   ProSource Energy Consultant’s risk free, step by step, collaborative approach ensures that our clients are always in control of the energy purchase decision making process, and provides them focused intelligence to make the best informed energy procurement and management decisions possible.

•   Finally, we manage our Client’s energy spend and monitor the markets on their behalf.  And, we provide savings analyses, regulatory updates, and customized financial reporting services designed specifically according our clients individual wants or needs.

•   ProSource Energy Consultants focus on minimizing our client’s energy costs and maximizing the ease of  operational management, allowing our clients to focus on running their business.

•   Once a company becomes a ProSource Energy client, we contact the management team or designated representative on a quarterly basis to review all of the Client’s accounts. We will monitor the market for you, and strive to identify opportunities to renegotiate your rates downward.  In addition, we will act as a go-to resource to manage any and all matters related to our Client’s energy supply and to deal with utility company issues, including billing issues, address changes, facility and location expansions, meter drops/adds, etc.


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