Advantages of Using ProSource Energy Consultants, LLC

Experience and Integrity

·         There are many so-called energy ‘experts’, ‘consulting ‘ companies, and various types of local or regional energy brokers. ProSource brings over 25 years of direct energy cost reduction experience to the table for our clients, with a passion for excellence, a laser like client focus, and a promise of integrity that is simply unequalled in the industry.

National Capabilities

·          ProSource specializes in both electricity and natural gas procurement strategies for clients with multiple facilities and locations nationally.  Each state and region has - and will continue to deregulate differently, and both the regulated and deregulated markets and pricing drivers are constantly changing.  ProSource stays abreast of these quickly-changing markets for you.

·          ProSource provides the state and local markets expertise necessary to recognize the absolute best opportunities for energy cost savings for all of your locations across the country.

Longevity and Long-Term Relationship

·          ProSource Energy Consultants, LLC has over 25 years experience in the deregulated energy industry, and we strive for a long term, mutually beneficial relationship founded on trust, integrity, and continually measurable value for our clients.

Personalized Service after Negotiating Energy Contracts

·          ProSource Energy Consultant’s daily interactions with local energy market professionals provides real time intelligence for opportunities to renegotiate your contract pricing.  ProSource will proactively manage your pricing and contractual operational parameters, and provide updates to management through our Quarterly Review Process.  Our processes ensure that our Client’s energy pricing is at or below current market conditions in all of the cities and markets in which our clients operate.

Dedicated Account Management

·          ProSource provides the dedication of one or more staff Energy Consultants dedicated full time to your account.  They will manage any and all matters related to your contracts, and can provide ad hoc cost savings analyses, regulatory or market updates, and financial reporting services tailored to your management team’s requirements.

Regulated Market Analysis

·          Even in areas that are not deregulated, ProSource Energy Consultants can provide rate and tariff analysis to ensure that you are on the optimal rates.  And, we will negotiate with regulated utilities to obtain favorable operational allowances and waiver of administrative and other charges and fees.

Demand Side Management, Demand Response, and Energy Efficiency

·          ProSource maintains strategic partnerships with engineering and demand response firms whose primary focus is helping clients achieve better efficiencies and compliance with green energy initiatives.  Our alliances offer our Clients preferred arrangements with these firms for evaluation of the significant financial opportunities available with demand side energy reduction, management, and related programs.


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